February 2008

The past few weeks have been busy.  Michigan Grandma came into town and got to hang out with both my grandmas and foi ba in Gaithersburg.  I watched the superbowl at Uncle Sundeep’s and Aunty Ranjana’s house (too bad the Lions didn’t make it).  I also met Aunty Lynda and Henrik for the first time.  Check out the fun below….[rockyou id=103263245&w=426&h=319]


Wardrobe furnished by Kapil Uncle and Daksha Aunty, Natasha Foi, Michigan Grandpa, Mom and Dad

Transportation provided by Sundeep, Ranjana, Raj and Artika


Khalin took his first flight to visit Grandma and Grampa last week.  He had a wonderful time visiting with them and meeting all their friends.  Check out these pictures and view the video of Khalin and grandma having one of their chats.

[rockyou id=100955985&w=4261&h=319]

Wardrobe furnished by the Vedhas, Pillais, Michigan Grandma, Mom and Dad