Well a whole week has gone by since this whole Ferber thing started and now I am officially a Ferber man. I can go to sleep on my own and even when I wake up in the middle of the night I put myself back to sleep. I still protest a little when mom and dad put me in my crib. Sometimes I cry for a minute and other times like tonight I cry for 10 minutes. Now that I have been sleeping a lot better I wake up with the happiest smile on my face. I just hang out in my crib and wait for either mom and dad to come get me. Mom and dad also seem a lot happier – I think they are finally getting some sleep. I guess Ferber ain’t so bad.

Also, this past week was quite busy. I went to temple to try to get my first hair cut. The priest said that I could only get it during odd months. Now I have to wait until I am 5 months old. I also had brunch at Aunty Anjum’s house where I got to hang out with Caden and Rahul. Aunty Lynda, Aunty Ur, Uncle Peter and Uncle Matthew came to visit. I also tried barley for the first time – I like oatmeal a lot better. Here are some recent pictures and check out Peter teaching me his dance moves.

[rockyou id=107745817&w=426&h=319]