Extreme Makeover Baby Edition – Postponed

Mom and Dad’s quest to cut my luscious locks has hit another roadblock.  We went to the temple again this past weekend to try to get my haircut.  If you remember the last time we went, the priest said that I could only get my haircut during an odd month and that I had to come back when I was five months old.  Well I am five months old and this time the priest on duty said that I could only get it during my 11th month.  After explaining to the priest that the other priest said that we could get it done during the fifth month without an appointment, this priest said that he thought it would be ok but we HAD to have an appointment.  We went to the office to make an appointment, but the manager said that haircuts are usually done only during the 7th and 9th month.  Mom and Dad were thoroughly confused but decided to schedule my official haircut for May 10th at 11pm at the SSVT temple.  (I will still be 5 months).  Grandma and Grandpa will be in town and anyone else who wants to watch this momentous occasion is welcome to come. 

After leaving temple, we went to Aunty Sharmila and Uncle Shyam’s house and got to meet beautiful baby Vijay.  We also had brunch with Uncle Sundeep and Aunty Ranjana on Sunday.  Other than that this past week was pretty quiet except for trying peas for the first time.  They were so yummy.  

Here are some pics from last week and a few from Uncle Sundeep and Aunty Ranjana’s shower.     

[rockyou id=110613023&w=426&h=319]


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