May 2008

I have been keeping myself busy these past couple of weeks. Last week I went over to Aunty Ritu’s house and got to hang out with all her friends. It was so much fun. I also met beautiful baby Shivani. The weather has been really nice lately so mommy and daddy have taken me out on long walks and to the park. Aunty Sasha came over to see me – I had just woken up and wasn’t in the best mood, but she has a great way of turning my frown upside down.

I have included some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

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I was so lucky to have mom and dad’s wedding photographer come by the house last week to take some pictures of me and my family.  Thomas Zeeb and his wife were so nice and I loved all the funny noises that his camera made.  Here are a few of the pics.

click on any of the pictures to view a larger image  

If you want to see all the pictures that Thomas Zeeb took, visit The event key is “Khalin” (the event key is case sensitive so make sure you use a capital K).

I officially turned 6 months on Sunday.  I can’t believe how time just flies.  I went to the pediatrician this week.  I got some more shots (ouch!) but have also gotten a lot bigger.  Here are my stats…

Weight – 16lbs 11oz (gained 2lbs 8 oz from my 4 month appt)

Height – 26.75″ (grew a whole inch)

I also had a lot of family visiting these past few days.  Ba, Dada and Natasha Foi came into town this weekend.  Shitang and Mugi Kaka also came to visit me.  I am sad now that everyone is gone, but I made this video to help me remember all the fun we had.

I finally got my haircut!  Tell me what you guys think…




I have been working so hard to start sitting up on my own.  I have almost perfected my tripod.  I have also been rolling like a fiend.  There was a time way back when I used to hate tummy time.  Now, every time that mom and dad lay me down on my back I roll over on my tummy.  I do this even when I am sleeping – this really freaks out mom and dad who keep coming in at night and turning me back over.  I am also trying really hard to crawl.  Just yesterday I was able to get my knees up a bit while on my tummy.  Hopefully within the next few weeks I can master crawling. 

This week I also got to meet baby Yash, Diya and Aunty Malini.  They are so much fun!  Check out our pics…

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