I have been working so hard to start sitting up on my own.  I have almost perfected my tripod.  I have also been rolling like a fiend.  There was a time way back when I used to hate tummy time.  Now, every time that mom and dad lay me down on my back I roll over on my tummy.  I do this even when I am sleeping – this really freaks out mom and dad who keep coming in at night and turning me back over.  I am also trying really hard to crawl.  Just yesterday I was able to get my knees up a bit while on my tummy.  Hopefully within the next few weeks I can master crawling. 

This week I also got to meet baby Yash, Diya and Aunty Malini.  They are so much fun!  Check out our pics…

[rockyou id=111767308&w=426&h=319]