June 2008

Yes that’s right…I had my first scrumptuous taste of meat.  Mom went on a treacherous hunt in the jungles of Harris Teeter and brought me back some delictable chicken and apples.  Being that it was such an important event for my dad (aka makhani man) he had to do the honors and feed me my first bite (video coming soon).  Look at my happy expression after my meal…

Yummy to my Tummy

I also had a lot of visitors lately.  Jeet Kaka was in town this past week.  Mugi Kaka also came by to visit.  Raj uncle and Artika Aunty also stopped by and how could I forget – Sasha Aunty also paid me a visit.  Here are some pictures of what I’ve been up to lately.

[rockyou id=115810095&w=426&h=319]

P.S. Welcome to the world Saavan Vohra – looking forward to meeting you…


Here is one of the things I made dad for Father’s Day….my dad is the best!!!!


First things first….


Now onto my crawlcapades. I try and I try to get this crawling thing figured out, but no luck yet. I try to move forward but for some reason my gears seem to be set on reverse. Check out this video that includes some video footage of this phenomenon.

I also got to hang out with baby Vijay and Aunty Sharmila, while daddy and Uncle Shyam played tennis. Aunty Lynda and Uncle Matt came by too. Here are some recent pics.

[rockyou id=114643810&w=426&h=319]