What a busy weekend. I first got a visit from my buddy Henrik. He brought his mom and his grandma with him. This guy amazes me with his physique. How can a guy born two months after me be as big as me. I need to start drinking some protein shakes and get to the gym more often.

After that we went to the city to eat dinner at Asia 9. Uncle Nishant and Aunty Anju were in town. I had the best time people watching at that restaurant and I got to sit in a restaurant high chair for the first time. It was awesome. I wanted to go clubbing afterwards but mommy and daddy were too tired. What party poopers. We also got to see Uncle Raj and Aunty Artika and guess what – they have a playmate for me on the way. I can’t wait until January to meet baby Logan!

Then to top things off – baby Vijay came to visit. We had so much fun hanging out. Here is a slide show of all the fun from this weekend!