The ugly duckling

I just got back from an amazing trip to Michigan. We first landed in Detroit on last Friday. We got to visit Dilan, Devan, Ami and Mukesh at their new home. I also got to meet my great grandmother for the first time. Then on Saturday morning we took my first long road trip to Glen Arbor. We stayed at one of the houses at the Homestead resort which is along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. It was gorgeous up there. On the trip was Grandma, Grandpa, Natasha Foi, Shitang kaka, Mugi kaka and Masi Ba. We got to go hiking – mom and dad went biking, and kayaking without me – maybe next time I can try those activities.

It was a great trip except for this stupid duck that that they brought along. There is nothing more enjoyable than my daily relaxing baths. I just sit back and relax while mom and dad lather me up and make me squeeky clean. Well, instead of my luxury tub, mom and dad tried to stick me into to this scary looking duck tub. I swear – the duck was trying to eat me up. I had nothing to do with that hideous creature – I screamed and yelled and refused to take a bath near that thing. Then mom and dad tried to trick me by placing some towels over its head – they couldn’t pull one over on me – I screamed and yelled some more. Look at this thing – isn’t it the scariest thing you have ever seen?

The Ugly Duckling

Back in DC, Avanti, Sudhakar and Kavan were in town. We got to hang out with them on Thursday and I even got my first taste of ice cream. The verdict is still out on what I think of that stuff. Kavan also taught me the concept of sharing. He kept sharing his toys with me and I graciously took them. Sharing is such a great concept.

Here are some pics of the trip and my visit with Kavan!

[rockyou id=120337009&w=426&h=319]


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