September 2008

Now that I have mastered crawling, I cannot keep still. My next goal is to figure out this walking thing. I have started pulling up and as you know – what goes up must come down. Unfortunately, I have been bumping my head a lot on the way down. If mom and dad had their way I think I would be dressed in bubble wrap and a helmet 24/7.

I have also had a wonderful time hanging out with my thatha. He really knows how to make me giggle. The other day uncle Raj and aunty Artika came over. Uncle Raj challenged me to a match in my cage. I decided to take it easy on him. Check out the pics…


Yesterday was a special day for me – My grandfather (my mommy’s daddy) came to visit me all the way from India. I was so excited to meet him. I was told that when I was born I looked like him. I have heard the stories of his kindness and his goofiness. Our meeting met all my expectations. We both just had the biggest grins on our faces when we met.

Even though I have known him for such a short time, I feel that there is a connection between us (or maybe I am just getting over my stranger anxiety phase).

Here is a picture of me anxiously waiting for him at Dulles airport and also a picture of gramps (I call him thatha) when he first saw me.

Here is also a slide show of what I have been up to this past week (including pics of Stuti Foi and Jeek Kaka).

In my last entry I filled you in on my bubble phobia. I know it might sound crazy that someone can be scared of bubbles, but it is true. When I was at my signing smart class, my teacher did an exercise of using this toy to blow thousands of bubbles. While the rest of the class screamed in delight and ran around chasing the bubbles, I screamed in fright. I started crying and thought the bubbles were going to get me. Mom and Dad found it unacceptable – no kid of theirs was going to be afraid of bubbles. So this weekend my exposure therapy started. I went to Rahul’s extremely fun birthday party and I got this goodie box that had bubbles in it. When we got home, mom pulled out the bubbles and made me face my fears. I am proud to say that I didn’t scream or cry. I actually stared at them in awe.

The pics below include some from Rahul’s party, my therapy session, and Sangita Aunty’s and Jeet Kaka’s visit.

1.) I hate eating anything green,
2.) I still don’t have any teeth,
3.) I love to sleep on my stomach with my butt in the air,
4.) My favorite stuffed animal is brabbit (my bear dress up in a rabbit outfit),
5.) Bubbles scare me,
6.) Blocks stacked one on top of the other scare me,
7.) My toes are tasty,
8.) I think Tupperware makes better toys than Fisher Price,
9.) My new favorite thing to do is raise the roof with one hand, and
10.) I go poop when I am in my jumperoo or activity center

Here are some recent pics and a video when Uncle Peter, Aunty Lynda, Uncle Matt and Aunty Ur came over.