October 2008

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Diwali.  I was actually born two days after Diwali last year.  So based on the Indian calendar, my birthday is day after tomorrow.  I am hoping that mom and dad realize that I should get gifts on Diwali, my birthday based on the Indian calendar, my real birthday and a halloween gift would be nice too.  I actually got one of my birthday gifts early from Uncle Biren and Aunty Nisha.  It is awesome – check out me new ride and some pics of us picking out our pumpkin.



Chicago was a blast! I went to my first wedding – Moni Aunty and Deepak Uncle’s wedding – check out this crazy outfit mom and dad made me wear…am I an Indian with a dot or a feather? oh no I am both!

I also got to hang out with Ba, Masi Ba, Shitang Kaka, Natasha Foi, and even Mugi Kaka came up from DC. I had my first taste of Chicago style pizza and also ended up with my first case of the sniffles. I am starting to feel better now. Here are some pics of all the Chicago fun…

Now that I have this new haircut, I can’t help but notice how big my ears look. I feel like dumbo. Mom and Dad better watch out – not only do they have to worry about me talking my first steps…they also have to worry if I will learn how to fly with my huge ears.

I also just got back from Chicago – had a great time. I will post my pics and commentary soon!

Why do my parents continue to mess with my luscious locks.  They thought it was time again for another haircut.  This time they thought that I should get my haircut at a fancy salon (cartoon cuts).  Boy that place was scary.  When it was all over, I barely had any hair.  I was so sad, but I guess it is just hair and it will grow back again. 

What a week. There is so much for me to update you guys on. First and foremost – NO MORE TOOTHLESS SMILE. To my parents dismay (who loved my toothless smile), my first tooth popped out on Sunday. Contrary to popular belief, my first tooth was not my bottom tooth but instead my top canine tooth (you know the pointy one – hence the nickname the fanged avenger). I also started increasing my vocabulary. I have yet to say mama, but I say dada, boo (for book) and lhee (for leaves). There are a lot of other words I say but apparently my parents are not fluent in khalin-onics.

Then this past weekend, my Michigan grandparents came into town. What a fun weekend. I had to show them all my new tricks. I also went over to Kairav’s house and saw Uncle Sundeep, Aunty Ranjana and Kairav’s grandparents. It was great to meet Kairav’s grandfather – who used to be my mom’s pediatrician.

Here are the pics of all the fun!