Cranky Dragon & thanks Uncle Alpen


Cranky Dragon
Cranky Dragon













I made it through my first halloween.  What an ordeal.  I got dressed up in this uncomfortable dragon outfit.  It had this huge tail that made it so difficult for me to sit comfortably.  Then the whole head piece was the most irritating thing mom and dad has ever put on me.  Then they took me around the neighborhood.  I tried to be all smiley, but I was so tired and I just wanted to get my costume off.  

I also got to see a lot of people this past weekend.  Uncle Raj L, Aunty Artika, Uncle Ravi and Aunty Sasha came over.  Uncle Raj L and Uncle Ravi challenged me to another cage fight – or course I beat them (check out the pics below).  We also met Uncle Alpen and Aunty Neelam at their nephew’s first birthday party.  Uncle Raj G, Uncle Meghal and Aunty Amy were all at the party too.  I was so excited to meet Uncle Alpen – he was the guy who introduced mommy and daddy.  Without him, there would be no me and without me there would be no cranky dragons in the world…


Cage Matc Part III
Cage Match Part III

Uncle Alpen rocks

Uncle Alpen rocks









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