I might have won the battle, but mommy won the war

Recently, I blogged about how my mom waged a war against me and my bottle (view post). Mommy and her army (the pediatrician and the nanny) fought hard to impose the new sippy cup regime on me. I thought I had won the battle. I first got my nanny to cave and once mom realized that her chief commanding officer was a softy, mom retreated and let me enjoy my bottle in peace.

After a few weeks and out of nowhere mom staged a sneak attack on me on Sunday. During dinner she shoved the sippy cup back in my mouth. She filled the sippy cup with this delicious nectar (v8 fusion) and once a drop touched my lips, I wanted more. Next thing I know I am drinking the juice out of the sippy cup with no complaints. Then on Monday she tempted me with the juice again. This time I grabbed the sippy cup out of her hand and drank out of it on my own.

Even though the bottle has not been exiled from our household, I guess I am starting to become a loyal servant of the sippy cup regime.

Here I am with my sippy cup. I have also included a bunch of pictures from Thanksgiving and the past couple of weeks.

Me and My SIppy Cup
Me and My SIppy Cup


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