March 2009

Honestly, what can I do to get a good meal these days? My parents continue to struggle with my finicky eating. My taste buds are developing and I am going to constantly keep changing the foods I like on a daily basis (maybe even on an hourly basis). Why should be parents gets so worked up if I devour a slice of pizza one day and the next day clinch my mouth closed and throw the pieces of pizza at mom while she tries to feed me? They need to just get over it and feed me something else. Reliable choices of food include cheese, yogurt and apple sauce – everything else is a crap shoot. There is just no need to worry. Check out the pics below – I am happy and I am not emaciated.



Even though we live in the big city now, my mom grew up in a small, hick town in Southwest, Virginia. Her southern drawl might have faded but deep down inside she is still a hillbilly at heart. I was lucky to head down to her hometown (Wise, VA) this past weekend. I met some of her high school teachers and tons of the Indian Uncles and Aunties that my mom grew up with. I wish Ajji and Thatha still lived there, so that it would be easier to see them more often.

We stayed at Aunty Ranjana’s parent’s house. Kairav was there and we were as thick as thieves. Look at some pics of us hanging out and me trying to steal Kairav’s lunch.



We were there to celebrate Puneet Uncle’s wedding. I got all dressed up for the big event and partied into the wee hours of the night.



I have been back from San Diego for a while now, but I just haven’t had the time to tell you guys about my trip. It was great. We stayed with mommy’s cousins. They have two girls – Bhavna and Pallavi who were so much fun to play with. They also have 2 CATS! One day we went to the beach – boy was it gorgeous. I just wished it was a little warmer. Then the highlight of the trip was going to the zoo. I got to see gorillas, lions, flamingos, okapis and so many other amazing animals. It was amazing. Vinay Uncle and Sangeetha Aunty promised me that they would all come visit DC in Nov. I don’t think I can wait that long…

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