Even though we live in the big city now, my mom grew up in a small, hick town in Southwest, Virginia. Her southern drawl might have faded but deep down inside she is still a hillbilly at heart. I was lucky to head down to her hometown (Wise, VA) this past weekend. I met some of her high school teachers and tons of the Indian Uncles and Aunties that my mom grew up with. I wish Ajji and Thatha still lived there, so that it would be easier to see them more often.

We stayed at Aunty Ranjana’s parent’s house. Kairav was there and we were as thick as thieves. Look at some pics of us hanging out and me trying to steal Kairav’s lunch.



We were there to celebrate Puneet Uncle’s wedding. I got all dressed up for the big event and partied into the wee hours of the night.