The Big Apple

I went on my first trip to NYC and I loved it. The best part was all the traffic. At one point we were stuck in traffic for over two hours and I got to see so many buses and trucks – it was amazing. Mom and dad also took me to Central Park – what a fun place. We were there for Swatee Aunty’s wedding. I went to the sangeet, but I wasn’t invited to the wedding. Luckily my nanny Ms. Pinky came along to watch me while mom and dad went to the wedding. All in all my first impression of NYC was extremely positive. I want to go there again soon. Below are some recent pics, including ones from my trip to the big apple.

I also wanted to share some new words with you…dhup thup (dump truck), bhaaaaa (bus), and bu-dhaaaa (buddha). Also, in view of my love of trucks, mom got me the best book ever. I read it over and over again and quite honestly, I don’t understand why this book hasn’t made the NY Times bestseller list.


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