May 2009

Sorry guys that it has taken so long to update the blog to tell you all about my fabulous trip to Michigan. I have been under the weather with my first ear infection. It was miserable. I came back from Michigan on Monday. That night I woke up screaming. Mom and dad couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. The next day my nanny noticed that I was just out of it. By the evening I was running a temperature of 102.6. The following day I was even worse. Mom took me to the pediatrician and he diagnosed me with a bilateral ear infection. He put me on some antibiotics – which is the nastiest tasting medicine ever. It takes two people to get me to take this medicine. On the other hand, I love the taste of Tylenol. I could down a whole sippy cup of that stuff.

Now that I am feeling a lot better and my fever is gone, I can tell you guys all about my trip to Michigan. We had two weddings to go to – Nirav Uncle’s and Sheetal Aunty’s. Instead of flying back and forth for both wedding we decided to spend the week in Michigan. I got to spend a lot of quality time with Ba, Dada and Masi Ba. Natasha Foi and Shitang Kaka also came to visit. From playing in the park, going to Dada’s country club and trying to play golf, going to the library, and dancing my tail off at the wedding events, I couldn’t have asked for a better week. Here are some of my favorite pics and a slide show of all the fun.


Can you believe it…I am a year and a half old!!! Where has the time gone?

As usual I had to go to the pediatrician for a well checkup. He said I was doing great. He was happy with my vocabulary and my growth. Some of my new words this week include Erna for Ernie and umbrella.

The pediatrician did, however, notice that I was starting to get an overbite because I was still drinking my milk from a bottle and using my pacifier at night. He said it had to stop. In all honesty, I don’t know what the big deal is with having an overbite…I can just get braces in a few years.

Well here are my stats…it seems that I have had quite a growth spurt.

Weight: 26lbs 4oz (60th percentile and I have gained 1 lbs 7 oz lbs from my last visit)
Height: 34.5 inches (95th percentile and I have grown 1.5 inches).
Head Circ.: 18.875 inches (50th percentile and up 0.375 inches).

Last weekend was also Mother’s Day. I know how mama likes to sleep in. I initially got up at 7AM but then went back to sleep until 9AM. Mama was so happy to get some extra sleep. Mama had also been wanting a new wallet. So me and daddy picked one out for her and she loved it. The rest of the day we just took it easy.

When I was born, everyone kept saying I looked just like my dad. There were a few people who said I looked like my Thatha. As I have aged, people are saying I look more like my mom and at times Bha. What do you guys think?