September 2009

My school orientation was last week. Mom and Dad took me to my preschool and I got to meet the teachers. They seemed so nice. There are five other kids in my class. There is also a guineau pig in the classroom. Mom and dad are so excited that I am going to be going to school and that I will start my learning expedition. Honestly, they have got to be kidding. First of all, I only go one day a week. I also looked around class and I just saw a lot of toys. I didn’t see any calculus or organic chemistry books sitting around.

Here are some pics of me with my new back pack that bha got for me.


So I made my first trip out of the country…yup that’s right I am an international jetsetter. I went with mom and dad to Greece. Thatha and Ajji met up with us over there from India. We had a blast. Mom and dad were so afraid of the plane flight…but I was such a good boy on the plane. Our first stop was Athens. We went to the Acropolis, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the Plaka. We had an amazing dinner on a roof deck terrace that overlooked the Acropolis. The view was great…but I wasn’t a fan of the food. While everyone else was enjoying all the food in Greece…I went on a hunger strike. I barely ate. Now that I have been back for a week, I am making up for all the lost calories.

Then we headed to Santorini. What a beautiful place. It was great. Because the streets in Fira were cobblestone streets with tons of staircases, mom and dad had a hard time maneuvering the stroller. When they decided to leave the stroller at the hotel, I got to spend a lot of quality time in mom and dad’s arms. They complained a lot about back and shoulder pain because they had to carry me everywhere but I am not that heavy…I am only thirty pounds. What is the big deal? The sunsets in Santorini were the best.

Our final destination was Mykonos. The place was magnificent. I was a swimming fool there. Loved the hotel pool and also hung out at the beach. I wish we could have stayed there longer.

The best part of the whole trip was hanging out with Thatha and Ajji. I wish they didn’t live so far away 😦

Another weekend and another great wedding – Uncle Umesh got married. I got dressed up in my Indian gear to celebrate this auspicious occasion. A bunch of mommy’s law school friends came into town including Aunty Sasha came in from Kansas and Aunty Julie and Uncle Song came in from Cali. All in all it was a great weekend.