December 2009

Mommy’s friend Pooja and her brother Amit took some amazing photos of me for my 2nd birthday. ( They did the same thing last year and look at how much I have grown from then to now.



2008 Shoot


November was a crazy month. I turned two!!!! Had a great birthday. Ba and Dada came into town to celebrate. Here are my stats

Weight – 31 lbs 5 oz (85 percentile)
Height – 3 ft. 5/8 inches (95 percentile)

Someone told me that you take a child’s height at two years old and multiply that by two and that is how tall the child is going to be when they grow up. If that is the case then I would be about 6’1″ (come back in twenty years to see if this is correct).

I also headed down to Florida for a week with mom, dad, ba, dada and natasha foi. We had so much fun. For the most part the weather was great and I got to take long walks, went to the beach, and had an amazing thanksgiving. We also went to Niyati Aunty’s wedding when we were there.

Also tonight we got to see my buddy Jai…we had a blast annoying the waiter at Amma’s Kitchen. After the mess we left, I know that they don’t want to see us again, but I have to go back for the chana batura.