No more na-noo

I made a new years resolution to get rid of my pacifier (aka na-noo) and it has been two weeks without it!!! Yeah for me! Mom and dad were giving me a hard time about being two years old and still relying on the na-noo at nights and during naps. Then one night, I was asking for it and mommy told me that the garbage man came and took them away. Apparently na-noos are for babies, not big boys like me. (Lucky for Mr. Garbage Man, our paths haven’t crossed recently). The first few days, I kept asking for my na-noo, but now it is a thing of the past.

Bye Bye Na-Noo

I also had a great holiday season. Christmas was great…I got so many cool things. I also got to hang out with my buddy Caden. Aunty Lynda and Uncle Matt and Moo-Moo Kaka also came over.


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