So my parents found out that the baby is going to be a boy. They keep telling everyone that a baby brother will be good for me…that I will have a not just a brother but a best friend. The other day, dad asked me what I was going to do when baby brother came. I look at my books and said “these are ALL mine.”

Mom and dad also started potty training me yesterday. They had been trying to get me to sit on the potty for a few months and I showed no interest. So yesterday, mom and dad put me in my underwear – that’s right no diaper and set me free. They thought that as soon as I started getting all wet I would figure out that I didn’t like it and give the potty a try. They don’t understand that it is so hot these days that having wet pants ain’t so bad.

Let’s see how things go. Here are some recent pics and I will post some pics of my baby brother soon.