July 2010

Last week I went to Michigan to see Dada, Bha and Foi. Mom and Dad dropped me off and then they left. I kept asking everyone where mom and dad were and they told me they were on vacation and that I was also on vacation in Michigan. I had a blast! Whether it was golfing with dada, shopping with foi and bha or just hanging with masi bha, the five days without mom and dad were not so bad.

We are back in DC now and getting back into the swing of things. Today, while mom was getting ready for work, I pulled out some of her shoes from her closet. When I took out one, mommy told me that these were the shoes that she got married to papa in. I told her that “I needed shoes to get married.” She asked me, “Who do you plan on marrying.” And I proclaimed that “I am getting married to papa” Mom found that quite hilarious.

Mommy also had to go to get another ultrasound today. When she came home she showed me another pic of my bro. That made me realize that I have not posted any pics of him on the website yet. So here they are, along with some pics of everyone’s vacations.


Mommy had been really busy at work and we have not spent much time together. Thank god her big work project ended Monday. To catch up she decided to take the day off on Tuesday and take me to the air and space museum. We had a blast – I love that place. Here are some pics from my trip to the museum.