Please don’t get me wrong…I love my new brother, but I am not sure if I like this new addition. I don’t get all the attention. Mommy is always having to feed baby and everyone is awing and cooing over this little guy – but what about ME. And baby Karsin is just a blob. He doesn’t want to play with me – he is either crying, pooping or sleeping. When I try to roll my cars on his head, everyone freaks out. I am going to give it a little more time, but if he doesn’t shape up, I might have to see if I can return him.

All these changes have also made me a terror. I have been really finicky about what I eat (if I eat), throw temper tantrums when I have to take a bath, when I have to get out of the bath, when I have to go to sleep. I even threw a major tantrum when I had to put on my halloween costume and one on my neighbors porch when mom and dad tried to get me to ring their door bell to say trick or treat. However, when I realized that I would get candy by ringing door bells I changed my tune. This week I have been better. I realized that mom and dad were not caving in and the countless time out where getting old.

Well here are some recent pics.