Another Month for Karsin and Another Haircut For Me

My brother turned 3 months today. It is amazing how time flies. My brother is getting more interactive – thank god the blob phase is passing. He likes to smile and started saying ah-goo. Apparently, I used to say un-goo. He is sleeping better – at least some days. The only problem is that when he gets tired he wants to be held upright and walked around. Mom and dad (pa-poo as I now call him) keep complaining that their back hurts.

Another big development is I think I am getting the hang of this potty training mom and dad have been pushing on me. If you remember, they tried way back in June to no avail. (link to June post) I apparently starting holding my pee and my poop and it caused my digestive tract a lot of trouble. I was really stubborn about it too – I would wake up in the morning and hold my pee until 7 at night. There were even fears that I was getting a UTI. Finally a few weekends ago, they loaded me up with juices. Despite the screaming, shaking, don’t want to go pee-pee dance, I couldn’t hold it. Something finally clicked and now I go to mommy and daddy and tell them when I have to go to the potty. No more peeing in my pants for me.

Here are two pics from today….


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