Sick, Sick, Sick

This past month everyone was sick. I think I brought home RSV and gave it to my brother. Karsin was so sick…he had to get on this nebulizer thing. Then the medicine coming out of the nebulizer made mommy break out in hives. Even daddy and nanna had the sniffles. Finally everyone is starting to feel better.

Karsin is now 4 months. He started rolling over and loves to play in my old activity center. He is laughing more, but not when I try to lay on him or pull his legs.

Here are his stats from his last doctor’s appt:

Weight – 16.7 lbs (75th percentile)

Height – 26.25″ (90th percentile)

My brother weighs two pounds more than me and is an inch taller than me when I was 4 months (my four month stats). He might be bigger but I definitely lived a lot more by four months than he has. By four months, I had been on an airplane, a boat and was a world class swimmer. Karsin has barely made it out of the house. Mom and dad are really keeping him sheltered…

Well here are some pics…


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