Can I trade up for a new brother?

This past month I finally got to meet baby Rohan. He is awesome. When I left Uncle Alpen and Aunty Neelam’s place I was crying for him. Mom said that we were going home with baby Karsin…I responded that I don’t want baby Karsin, I want baby Rohan. I came to my senses and realized that Karsin is awesome too. He is so much interactive now – loves to giggle, loves to play outside, can roll over both ways, and has started tripoding. In all honesty, the guy is in awe with me. Whenever I enter the room, he can’t take his eyes off me.

Karsin also took his first flight. We went to Michigan. Had a great time. Me and dad left early and mom and Karsin came back a few days later. Apparently Karsin was not the best traveler on the way back. He had a big poopy diaper during take-off. When mom was changing him on the plane (that didn’t have a changing table), the poopy got everywhere including mommy’s white shirt. When I got home I had a big talk with Karsin about it. I came home and asked him “Hey little guy, why did you do a big poopy? Buddy why???”

This past weekend was easter. Me and my buddy Jack had a blast looking for easter eggs. School is also getting tough. Can you believe that we have homework??? I am only 3!!! I had to create a habitat for a lion. The pics below show my masterpiece and all the April fun.


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