Nebulizer Nightmares

I think this has been the longest I have gone without writing a post.  Since Thanksgiving things have just been crazy.  For example, in December mom left us with dad to go to SF.  The following week mom and dad left us to go to St. Louis for a wedding.  Then we headed to Florida for Christmas.  However, me and Karsin got really sick down there and ended up getting almost everyone else sick. It was so bad that Karsin and I had to go to the ER on Christmas.  My sickness wasn’t as serious as Karsin’s.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Then we came back DC and within a couple weeks, Karsin got pneumonia again.  And guess what…NOW I HAVE PNEUMONIA.  Will this madness ever end?  I just want a healthy household.  Karsin or I in the past month have been to the ER or doctor’s office 4 times. The worst thing is that Karsin and I both have to use a nebulizer. Both of us hate it and cause a huge fuss during the treatments.

It wasn’t all bad.  At certain points when my health was good, I got to hang out with my buddies.  Went to an amazing party at a fire station and went to wedding reception with mom.  Here are some recent pics. 


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