Stitches avoided

Yesterday I tried to turn one of my cars into a skateboard.  It didn’t work and instead I crashed and had a decent size gash on my chin.  Mom and dad took me to the urgent care.  The choice was 2 stitches or dermabond.  Since my tonsilectomy I have been wary of doctors.  So when they get near me I freak out. Mom and dad realized that the dermabond might be the better option and less traumatic.

In other news we are happy to report that there has been a new addition to our family.  Today two of the three eggs in the nest by our front porch hatched.  Mommy and I have been watching these eggs for weeks.  We were so worried that during the storm they would have flown off or ended up as scrambled eggs.  Luckily they survived.  Here are some recent pics and the cute little birdies.


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