In 2009, Khalin started this wonderful preschool known as Kinhaven.  Karsin joined in 2012.  For nearly 7 years, the school looked after our children, taught them and helped them grown.  July 8th was our very last day at that wonderful school.  His preschool ended in June, but Karsin had one last session of camp there.  Hard to believe my boys are done with preschool – it truly is bittersweet.  Happy about no more tuition payments, but sad to not see Karsin play basketball in the mornings at the gym, bring home rainbow bear, the walk up the stairs and seeing my boys happy faces when I picked them up from school, the warm smiles of the staff, the over the top amazing decoration of Ms. Kathy and the list goes on and on.  I am grateful we found this school and will miss it dearly.  Here are some of Karsin’s fun memories from the school (including his first day pic and last day)