The great escape

This past week was the first week of school.  Khalin started 3rd grade and Karsin started kindergarten.  Both boys are in school full time!  No preschool tuition payments!  Dropping off Khalin the first day was so simple.  He walked right in.  He absolutely loves his teacher and being in third grade.  The transition from Kinhaven to elementary school has not gone so well for Karsin.  Knowing Karsin, we weren’t surprised.  He doesn’t do well in new situations with new people.  He is a creature of comfort.  We got to school and after we dropped off Khalin, you could see Karsin becoming visibly tense.  We got to the classroom and he informed me that he wasn’t staying.  He was in full fledged crying mode.  Then he attempt the great escape.  He ran out of the classroom and then straight out of the school. It took a trip to the nurse’s office and me leaving him there to calm down.  As I left, I was in tears.  He made it through week 1, but the days have been long for him.  Hopefully week 2 will be better.

The picture at least came out well…




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