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We got back last week from an amazing trip to California. The trip started off by hitting Disneyland. That is truly the best place in the world. Both Karsin and I loved everything about it. We loved the rides and also getting to see Mickey and friends. Karsin kept referring to Mickey as Mickey Mouth. Then we headed to Ontario, CA for Vinay uncle’s wedding. Ba, Dada, Foi and Fua joined the festivities. I came to realized that I am a natural born bhangra star.


Here are some pics by Julie from


It has definitely been a a rough few weeks – my dear thatha passed away. I only met you a couple of times, but the times we spent together were amazing. Here are the links related to our time together (click here).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to India with mom and dad to pay my last respects. I know you were planning on coming to see us in October for Karsin’s first birthday. I wish you could have met him but don’t worry I will tell Karsin all about you and the great times we had. Here are some pics of us together and “always remember” I love you thatha and will miss you dearly. I also thought it would be best to post my mom’s email about thatha below to get an idea about who he was.

Thatha and Me (Part I)

Thatha and Me (Part I)

Thatha and Me (Part II)

Thatha and Me (Part II)


As many of you may already know, my father passed away on Wednesday, August 31, 2011. I want to thank all my family and friends who have been so supportive during this tough time. Your calls, emails, visits, flowers and food have helped us tremendously. Utpal and I are currently in India paying our last respects and we will be back on the 15th.

My father was 68 years old when he passed. He had gotten sick earlier this year and I was lucky enough to travel to India to spend time with him in March. He had recovered but got a bad stomach bug two weeks ago that zapped the energy out of him. When I talked to him on the 28th he told me he was feeling better. Unfortunately on the 31st he took a turn for the worst and suffered cardiac and respiratory failure.

It is hard to put in words how I feel and to convey an adequate picture of how amazing he was. Born in India, he came to Canada in 1970 for his residency with 13 dollars in his hand. He crossed the border to the US in 1976 for his fellowship and then practiced in the US as an orthopedic and hand surgeon until he retired back to India in 2004. He dedicated his career to helping others and especially those with limited financial means. In the past few days many people have emailed me with their touching stories of how my father helped heal them or loved ones.

While his work as a doctor was inspiring, it was truly his magnetic personality and generosity that left the most lasting impression on others. His smile would light up a room and he was the life of any party. My dad always tried to be the cool dad. One day out of nowhere when I was 12 he decided he wanted to learn how to play the drums. He basically only learned how to play two songs – Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean and Sarah by Jefferson Starship. He would try to show off his drum skills by playing those songs to many of my friends in junior high and high school – even though those songs were not ever popular anymore. Now, those two songs are so special to me.

He was also an incredible cook. On my visits home, I would walked in the door and see him standing in the kitchen with a smile on his face as he was making his famous sambar or rasam for me. And his special lamb dish was unbelievable. He also had this amazing garden that he labored over it because it gave him so much peace. He would play music to his plants as he watered them and danced with them. He would ask me to come outside to watch how the plants were dancing back with him. With all the love he gave to his plants there was no wonder why whatever he cooked from his garden was always so good.

I could go on and on about all the special things about him. However, I couldn’t send this email without talking about how he was the biggest advocate for education. Daily I would get lectures regarding the importance of education. Anyone around him would also get those lectures. Apparently his sermons left an impression, because so many people these past few days have told me how he pushed them to get an advanced degree. He also financed many individuals educations. He would even bribe people to get all A’s by letting them drive his Porsche if they did. One of the best gifts he ever gave me was my engineering and law degrees. To continue my dad’s legacy in promoting the value of education, memorial donations in memory of Sudhakara Udupa can be made to the UVA Legacy Fund (

Even though he was in India, we spoke many times a week. He loved my mom, my brother, my husband and me so much but he was most proud of being a grandfather. I see so much of his personality in Khalin and Karsin really looks like him. It is so unfortunate that he never met Karsin – he only got to Skype with him. I do know that the time he spent with Khalin was some of the best times of his life.

I am stilling coming to grips with the fact that he is gone. His advice helped me through the toughest times in life. During one of those times, my father told me that I need to march forward and that he would be my drummer guiding the way. As I struggle to make it through this tough time, I know that he is watching over me playing his drums.


Here is one of my favorite pics that the wedding photographer took…doesn’t Karsin look like he belongs in the mob.

And here is the link to the rest of the pics…

i have known this for ages, but karsin is finally getting a chance to see how charming my foi. we were up in michigan for her wedding. look at how enamored karsin is with her.

and look at me as the ring bearer – i initially didn’t want to walk down the aisle with the ring, i wanted mom’s bouquet. teen-kaka and mom convinced me to do it. while the start was rough, i finished strong.

and here is a couple pics of sagar fua and natasha foi and the wedding fun (more will be posted later). they looked amazing and the wedding was wonderful

This past month I finally got to meet baby Rohan. He is awesome. When I left Uncle Alpen and Aunty Neelam’s place I was crying for him. Mom said that we were going home with baby Karsin…I responded that I don’t want baby Karsin, I want baby Rohan. I came to my senses and realized that Karsin is awesome too. He is so much interactive now – loves to giggle, loves to play outside, can roll over both ways, and has started tripoding. In all honesty, the guy is in awe with me. Whenever I enter the room, he can’t take his eyes off me.

Karsin also took his first flight. We went to Michigan. Had a great time. Me and dad left early and mom and Karsin came back a few days later. Apparently Karsin was not the best traveler on the way back. He had a big poopy diaper during take-off. When mom was changing him on the plane (that didn’t have a changing table), the poopy got everywhere including mommy’s white shirt. When I got home I had a big talk with Karsin about it. I came home and asked him “Hey little guy, why did you do a big poopy? Buddy why???”

This past weekend was easter. Me and my buddy Jack had a blast looking for easter eggs. School is also getting tough. Can you believe that we have homework??? I am only 3!!! I had to create a habitat for a lion. The pics below show my masterpiece and all the April fun.

I wanted to update you guys on what has going on from my brother’s first month birthday till today which is his second month birthday. Here are the highlights:

– Thanksgiving
– Karsin got to meet Foi, Masibha, & Teen-kaka
– We both were under the weather
– I started drinking milk again
– Karsin went to his first party (Neha and Vikas’s baby shower)
– Had my school holiday party and sing-along
– Karsin got a bad case of baby acne (poor guy – looks miserable)
– Karsin is slowly learning to sleep places other than mom and dad’s arms
– Karsin is wowing us with his amazing smile.

All in all a great month…

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