In 2009, Khalin started this wonderful preschool known as Kinhaven.  Karsin joined in 2012.  For nearly 7 years, the school looked after our children, taught them and helped them grown.  July 8th was our very last day at that wonderful school.  His preschool ended in June, but Karsin had one last session of camp there.  Hard to believe my boys are done with preschool – it truly is bittersweet.  Happy about no more tuition payments, but sad to not see Karsin play basketball in the mornings at the gym, bring home rainbow bear, the walk up the stairs and seeing my boys happy faces when I picked them up from school, the warm smiles of the staff, the over the top amazing decoration of Ms. Kathy and the list goes on and on.  I am grateful we found this school and will miss it dearly.  Here are some of Karsin’s fun memories from the school (including his first day pic and last day)


Today was a big day.  Not only was it halloween but it was also the day that the demo started on our house.  Mommy woke us up really early and took us to watch the demo.  I told mom it was “super duper awesome.”  Then I had to go to school for my halloween parade and in the evening we went over to Henrik and Mo’s house to trick or treat.  This day made up for all the drama that hurricane Sandy caused.  We didn’t have power from Monday night to a little after midnight today.  Other than that life has been good.  Highlights include Karsin not crying when he goes to school and Karsin’s second birthday.   

Got my school pics back. I even got to bring Karsin to school with me and they took a pic with him. And here they are…

Also, don’t you agree that they are better than last year where it looked like my head didn’t belong with my body?

2010 School Pic

This past month I finally got to meet baby Rohan. He is awesome. When I left Uncle Alpen and Aunty Neelam’s place I was crying for him. Mom said that we were going home with baby Karsin…I responded that I don’t want baby Karsin, I want baby Rohan. I came to my senses and realized that Karsin is awesome too. He is so much interactive now – loves to giggle, loves to play outside, can roll over both ways, and has started tripoding. In all honesty, the guy is in awe with me. Whenever I enter the room, he can’t take his eyes off me.

Karsin also took his first flight. We went to Michigan. Had a great time. Me and dad left early and mom and Karsin came back a few days later. Apparently Karsin was not the best traveler on the way back. He had a big poopy diaper during take-off. When mom was changing him on the plane (that didn’t have a changing table), the poopy got everywhere including mommy’s white shirt. When I got home I had a big talk with Karsin about it. I came home and asked him “Hey little guy, why did you do a big poopy? Buddy why???”

This past weekend was easter. Me and my buddy Jack had a blast looking for easter eggs. School is also getting tough. Can you believe that we have homework??? I am only 3!!! I had to create a habitat for a lion. The pics below show my masterpiece and all the April fun.

I wanted to update you guys on what has going on from my brother’s first month birthday till today which is his second month birthday. Here are the highlights:

– Thanksgiving
– Karsin got to meet Foi, Masibha, & Teen-kaka
– We both were under the weather
– I started drinking milk again
– Karsin went to his first party (Neha and Vikas’s baby shower)
– Had my school holiday party and sing-along
– Karsin got a bad case of baby acne (poor guy – looks miserable)
– Karsin is slowly learning to sleep places other than mom and dad’s arms
– Karsin is wowing us with his amazing smile.

All in all a great month…

Just got my school pic back…what do you think?

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