So our appointments with doctors continue – well visits, sick visits, sleep studies. Also went to Florida to hang out Alpen, Neelam and Rohan. Unfortunately, Karsin got sick again and mommy and him went home early. Thank god I wasn’t on the flight home with them. Karsin’s ear ache caused major turmoil on the flight – crying for 1.5 hours straight. Mom and dad have decided that he is not going on a flight until he is 16. Guess I will be flying solo.

Here are some pics of the doctor’s visits – including my fun sleep study.


I have had a lot going on lately and I just don’t have enough time in the day to carry out all my tasks. I feel like I have been neglecting my parents. To make up for that I have decided that I need to wake up in the middle of the night so that we can have some quality time together. I have been screaming my lungs out around 2 in the morning the past few nights to get their attention. Even when they try to put me back to sleep I refuse. Mom and dad finally gave up and the last two nights we have had a slumber party in their bed. Mom and dad are trying to figure out what is wrong with me – they are worried because I used to be such a good sleeper. They think it could be teething or maybe separation anxiety, but don’t they realize that I just want to snuggle with them – is that so wrong?

I have also got to meet a bunch of mom and dad’s friends and hang out with many of my old buddies. Check out my pics below.

Well a whole week has gone by since this whole Ferber thing started and now I am officially a Ferber man. I can go to sleep on my own and even when I wake up in the middle of the night I put myself back to sleep. I still protest a little when mom and dad put me in my crib. Sometimes I cry for a minute and other times like tonight I cry for 10 minutes. Now that I have been sleeping a lot better I wake up with the happiest smile on my face. I just hang out in my crib and wait for either mom and dad to come get me. Mom and dad also seem a lot happier – I think they are finally getting some sleep. I guess Ferber ain’t so bad.

Also, this past week was quite busy. I went to temple to try to get my first hair cut. The priest said that I could only get it during odd months. Now I have to wait until I am 5 months old. I also had brunch at Aunty Anjum’s house where I got to hang out with Caden and Rahul. Aunty Lynda, Aunty Ur, Uncle Peter and Uncle Matthew came to visit. I also tried barley for the first time – I like oatmeal a lot better. Here are some recent pictures and check out Peter teaching me his dance moves.

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