This past month everyone was sick. I think I brought home RSV and gave it to my brother. Karsin was so sick…he had to get on this nebulizer thing. Then the medicine coming out of the nebulizer made mommy break out in hives. Even daddy and nanna had the sniffles. Finally everyone is starting to feel better.

Karsin is now 4 months. He started rolling over and loves to play in my old activity center. He is laughing more, but not when I try to lay on him or pull his legs.

Here are his stats from his last doctor’s appt:

Weight – 16.7 lbs (75th percentile)

Height – 26.25″ (90th percentile)

My brother weighs two pounds more than me and is an inch taller than me when I was 4 months (my four month stats). He might be bigger but I definitely lived a lot more by four months than he has. By four months, I had been on an airplane, a boat and was a world class swimmer. Karsin has barely made it out of the house. Mom and dad are really keeping him sheltered…

Well here are some pics…


November was a crazy month. I turned two!!!! Had a great birthday. Ba and Dada came into town to celebrate. Here are my stats

Weight – 31 lbs 5 oz (85 percentile)
Height – 3 ft. 5/8 inches (95 percentile)

Someone told me that you take a child’s height at two years old and multiply that by two and that is how tall the child is going to be when they grow up. If that is the case then I would be about 6’1″ (come back in twenty years to see if this is correct).

I also headed down to Florida for a week with mom, dad, ba, dada and natasha foi. We had so much fun. For the most part the weather was great and I got to take long walks, went to the beach, and had an amazing thanksgiving. We also went to Niyati Aunty’s wedding when we were there.

Also tonight we got to see my buddy Jai…we had a blast annoying the waiter at Amma’s Kitchen. After the mess we left, I know that they don’t want to see us again, but I have to go back for the chana batura.

Can you believe it…I am a year and a half old!!! Where has the time gone?

As usual I had to go to the pediatrician for a well checkup. He said I was doing great. He was happy with my vocabulary and my growth. Some of my new words this week include Erna for Ernie and umbrella.

The pediatrician did, however, notice that I was starting to get an overbite because I was still drinking my milk from a bottle and using my pacifier at night. He said it had to stop. In all honesty, I don’t know what the big deal is with having an overbite…I can just get braces in a few years.

Well here are my stats…it seems that I have had quite a growth spurt.

Weight: 26lbs 4oz (60th percentile and I have gained 1 lbs 7 oz lbs from my last visit)
Height: 34.5 inches (95th percentile and I have grown 1.5 inches).
Head Circ.: 18.875 inches (50th percentile and up 0.375 inches).

Last weekend was also Mother’s Day. I know how mama likes to sleep in. I initially got up at 7AM but then went back to sleep until 9AM. Mama was so happy to get some extra sleep. Mama had also been wanting a new wallet. So me and daddy picked one out for her and she loved it. The rest of the day we just took it easy.

Yesterday was my 15 month birthday – can you believe it? I was so happy when mom got me dressed up in the morning. I thought she was going to take me to work with her. Instead I ended up at the pediatrician’s office. He was really happy with my stats and all the things I was doing. He was, however, disappointed that I still was drinking milk from a bottle, but he better get over that. Then his stupid nurse gave me TWO shots in my arm (now they are in my arm b/c I am walking). I was furious and cried at the top of my lungs. Thankfully the rest of the day went well. Here are my stats:

Weight: 24lbs 13oz (60th percentile and I have gained 3 lbs 6 oz lbs from my last visit) (I might have to go on weight watchers)
Height: 32 inches (75th percentile and I have grown 1.75 inches).
Head Circ.: 18.5 inches (40th percentile and up 0.5 inches).

Also, this past weekend Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. It was so much fun. The whole weekend I was so excited that I kept laughing and babbling while I walked around the dining table 500 times in a row. The weather was so beautiful that we also went to the national mall, natural history museum and Great Falls. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Here are some pics of their visit.

I also wanted to share some pics from January that I forgot to post. Enjoy!

I went to the pediatrician last week for my 12 month checkup. I was not too happy to get three shots – when is that ever going to end. The doctor says I am doing well and here are my stats:

Weight: 21lbs 7oz (30th percentile and I have gained 2.5 lbs from my last visit)
Height: 30.25 inches (70th percentile and I have grown 1.125 inches).
Head Circ: 18 inches (25th percentile and up 0.5 inches).

The doctor also gave the go ahead for me to start drinking whole milk. It ain’t so bad. The doctor also said I needed to be weaned from bottles and I should move to sippy cups. Mom has tried in the past to give me sippy cups, but I have always refused them. What makes her think that will change now that I am a big one year old? She told the doctor that I hate sippy cups. He said then just give me 8 oz milk in the morning and evening in a bottle and the rest of the day only offer me a sippy cup. Well mom tried to start this master plan on Saturday and I was having none of it. I clinched my lips closed whenever the sippy cup came near me. Look at how mad I get when they bring the sippy cup near me
I could tell mom was extremely worried that I was dehydrated. I have almost broke her. My nanny was easy to break – she is a softy. By Tuesday, she was giving me bottle in the early afternoon. I need to keep working on mommy. Don’t worry Mr. Bottle I am not letting you go. See the pic below that shows how happy I am when I have my bottle with me.

I love my bottle

I love my bottle

1.) I hate eating anything green,
2.) I still don’t have any teeth,
3.) I love to sleep on my stomach with my butt in the air,
4.) My favorite stuffed animal is brabbit (my bear dress up in a rabbit outfit),
5.) Bubbles scare me,
6.) Blocks stacked one on top of the other scare me,
7.) My toes are tasty,
8.) I think Tupperware makes better toys than Fisher Price,
9.) My new favorite thing to do is raise the roof with one hand, and
10.) I go poop when I am in my jumperoo or activity center

Here are some recent pics and a video when Uncle Peter, Aunty Lynda, Uncle Matt and Aunty Ur came over.

I went to see my pediatrician today for my nine month appt.  The doctor said I was doing great!  Here are my stats:

weight – 19 lbs (25th percentile).  I gained 2 pounds 5 oz.

height 29.25 (75th percentile).  I grew 2.5 inches.

Dr. Atiyeh gave me the go ahead to start eating yogurt, cheerios, egg yolks.  Let’s see what I think about these things.  I just had one shot which went well, but when they took my blood that really hurt and took forever.  Glad that is over.


My nine month pose

My nine month pose

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