I just got back from Colorado this week. Mommy and I had an amazing vacation with some of mommy’s law school friends. We got to ski, bowl, tube and play hours of ipad with my buddies Rahul, Jay and Caden. I also recently tried ice skating with my buddies from school. Next week I will be heading to LA for Disney and a wedding. While the snow is fun, I have a feeling that I am going to prefer the beach over the mountains.

Also, don’t worry…it may sound like I am having all the fun, but Karsin is getting out some too. Along with the pics of me on my adventures, there is one pic of Karsin at the building museum with his gal pal Veena.








i have known this for ages, but karsin is finally getting a chance to see how charming my foi. we were up in michigan for her wedding. look at how enamored karsin is with her.

and look at me as the ring bearer – i initially didn’t want to walk down the aisle with the ring, i wanted mom’s bouquet. teen-kaka and mom convinced me to do it. while the start was rough, i finished strong.

and here is a couple pics of sagar fua and natasha foi and the wedding fun (more will be posted later). they looked amazing and the wedding was wonderful

This past month I finally got to meet baby Rohan. He is awesome. When I left Uncle Alpen and Aunty Neelam’s place I was crying for him. Mom said that we were going home with baby Karsin…I responded that I don’t want baby Karsin, I want baby Rohan. I came to my senses and realized that Karsin is awesome too. He is so much interactive now – loves to giggle, loves to play outside, can roll over both ways, and has started tripoding. In all honesty, the guy is in awe with me. Whenever I enter the room, he can’t take his eyes off me.

Karsin also took his first flight. We went to Michigan. Had a great time. Me and dad left early and mom and Karsin came back a few days later. Apparently Karsin was not the best traveler on the way back. He had a big poopy diaper during take-off. When mom was changing him on the plane (that didn’t have a changing table), the poopy got everywhere including mommy’s white shirt. When I got home I had a big talk with Karsin about it. I came home and asked him “Hey little guy, why did you do a big poopy? Buddy why???”

This past weekend was easter. Me and my buddy Jack had a blast looking for easter eggs. School is also getting tough. Can you believe that we have homework??? I am only 3!!! I had to create a habitat for a lion. The pics below show my masterpiece and all the April fun.

Last weekend we went to Chicago to visit Foi and Teenkaka, go to Samir uncle’s wedding reception and most importantly celebrate Foi’s engagement to Sagar Uncle. Everyone came up for the occasion – Ba, Dada, Mumukaka, Masi Ba, Seju Foi (aka Another Foi) and Shilpan kaka. I really wore mom and dad out with a few crazy temper tantrums, but in actuality it was my own personal initiation for Sagar uncle and his family – if they can put up with me at my worst, then all is good. Sagar Uncle passed with flying colors, especially after he gave me the coolest landfill compactor toy. I also learned some amazing dance moves at Samir uncle’s reception. I didn’t leave the dance floor the whole night…here are all the pics.

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This NC wedding was so much fun and ravi and lina rock. nuff said

So I made my first trip out of the country…yup that’s right I am an international jetsetter. I went with mom and dad to Greece. Thatha and Ajji met up with us over there from India. We had a blast. Mom and dad were so afraid of the plane flight…but I was such a good boy on the plane. Our first stop was Athens. We went to the Acropolis, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the Plaka. We had an amazing dinner on a roof deck terrace that overlooked the Acropolis. The view was great…but I wasn’t a fan of the food. While everyone else was enjoying all the food in Greece…I went on a hunger strike. I barely ate. Now that I have been back for a week, I am making up for all the lost calories.

Then we headed to Santorini. What a beautiful place. It was great. Because the streets in Fira were cobblestone streets with tons of staircases, mom and dad had a hard time maneuvering the stroller. When they decided to leave the stroller at the hotel, I got to spend a lot of quality time in mom and dad’s arms. They complained a lot about back and shoulder pain because they had to carry me everywhere but I am not that heavy…I am only thirty pounds. What is the big deal? The sunsets in Santorini were the best.

Our final destination was Mykonos. The place was magnificent. I was a swimming fool there. Loved the hotel pool and also hung out at the beach. I wish we could have stayed there longer.

The best part of the whole trip was hanging out with Thatha and Ajji. I wish they didn’t live so far away 😦

I went on my first trip to NYC and I loved it. The best part was all the traffic. At one point we were stuck in traffic for over two hours and I got to see so many buses and trucks – it was amazing. Mom and dad also took me to Central Park – what a fun place. We were there for Swatee Aunty’s wedding. I went to the sangeet, but I wasn’t invited to the wedding. Luckily my nanny Ms. Pinky came along to watch me while mom and dad went to the wedding. All in all my first impression of NYC was extremely positive. I want to go there again soon. Below are some recent pics, including ones from my trip to the big apple.

I also wanted to share some new words with you…dhup thup (dump truck), bhaaaaa (bus), and bu-dhaaaa (buddha). Also, in view of my love of trucks, mom got me the best book ever. I read it over and over again and quite honestly, I don’t understand why this book hasn’t made the NY Times bestseller list.