So about two weeks ago was the big move.  The house Karsin and I have lived in ALL of our lives was sold and we made the move to an apartment.  I love the new apartment…Karsin on the other hand has been having a hard time adjusting.  He just hasn’t been sleeping well and because it is an apartment, mom and dad ddn’t want to disturb the neighbors with crying it out.  However, the lack of sleep was getting a bit old, so mom and dad decided that it didn’t matter if we violated the quiet clause of the lease.  Luckily this is a short term lease.  Hopefully, by the time the neighbors get sick of us our new home will be built and we will be long gone. 

Here are some videos of us hanging out in our temporary apartment


The summer is winding down. We are gearing up for hurricane irene. I just experienced my first big earthquake. Needless to say life is a bit crazy. Karsin is also learning a lot of new things – can you believe he is already 10 month olds. He crawls really well now, pulls himself up and even stands on his own for a few seconds here and there. Here is a video of some of his firsts. You will see that he doesn’t like popsicles – hard to believe someone wouldn’t like those. I think popsicles are “yummy in my tummy.” He also got his first haircut.

And here are some pics…

Just some pics/video of me and Karsin being silly…

Natasha Foi came to visit and we had a blast. She hadn’t seen me since I started walking. I had to show off my walking/running skills. I also updated her on my love of trucks and helicopters (aka heli-kakas). We had a playdate with my man Saavan. We topped the weekend off with a Easter egg hunt and a round of golf. I was so sad to see her leave.

Check out the pics of my fun weekend and the video of my amazing golf skills.

1.) I hate eating anything green,
2.) I still don’t have any teeth,
3.) I love to sleep on my stomach with my butt in the air,
4.) My favorite stuffed animal is brabbit (my bear dress up in a rabbit outfit),
5.) Bubbles scare me,
6.) Blocks stacked one on top of the other scare me,
7.) My toes are tasty,
8.) I think Tupperware makes better toys than Fisher Price,
9.) My new favorite thing to do is raise the roof with one hand, and
10.) I go poop when I am in my jumperoo or activity center

Here are some recent pics and a video when Uncle Peter, Aunty Lynda, Uncle Matt and Aunty Ur came over.

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