We got back last week from an amazing trip to California. The trip started off by hitting Disneyland. That is truly the best place in the world. Both Karsin and I loved everything about it. We loved the rides and also getting to see Mickey and friends. Karsin kept referring to Mickey as Mickey Mouth. Then we headed to Ontario, CA for Vinay uncle’s wedding. Ba, Dada, Foi and Fua joined the festivities. I came to realized that I am a natural born bhangra star.


I just got back from Colorado this week. Mommy and I had an amazing vacation with some of mommy’s law school friends. We got to ski, bowl, tube and play hours of ipad with my buddies Rahul, Jay and Caden. I also recently tried ice skating with my buddies from school. Next week I will be heading to LA for Disney and a wedding. While the snow is fun, I have a feeling that I am going to prefer the beach over the mountains.

Also, don’t worry…it may sound like I am having all the fun, but Karsin is getting out some too. Along with the pics of me on my adventures, there is one pic of Karsin at the building museum with his gal pal Veena.







Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Ours was great. Santa did not disappoint. While I like the concept of him giving me presents, I don’t like the thought of him breaking and entering my house. I couldn’t sleep Christmas eve because I was worried to death that Santa was going to come into my room and scare me with a big “HO, HO, HO.” Mom had to sleep with me that night because I was so terrified.

I also hate elf on the shelf. We put it up for one day and that guy freaked me out too. So much so, that mom took the elf away. However, when I met Santa in person, I was amazed. Karsin – no so much. He didn’t cry but was on the cusp of a breakdown the whole time we spent with him. The rest of the month was a good one. We were busy getting ready for our school sing-along. Right now Foi and Fua are in town and we are having a blast.

Happy New Year everyone!


Here are some pics by Julie from


Today was a big day.  Not only was it halloween but it was also the day that the demo started on our house.  Mommy woke us up really early and took us to watch the demo.  I told mom it was “super duper awesome.”  Then I had to go to school for my halloween parade and in the evening we went over to Henrik and Mo’s house to trick or treat.  This day made up for all the drama that hurricane Sandy caused.  We didn’t have power from Monday night to a little after midnight today.  Other than that life has been good.  Highlights include Karsin not crying when he goes to school and Karsin’s second birthday.   

So our appointments with doctors continue – well visits, sick visits, sleep studies. Also went to Florida to hang out Alpen, Neelam and Rohan. Unfortunately, Karsin got sick again and mommy and him went home early. Thank god I wasn’t on the flight home with them. Karsin’s ear ache caused major turmoil on the flight – crying for 1.5 hours straight. Mom and dad have decided that he is not going on a flight until he is 16. Guess I will be flying solo.

Here are some pics of the doctor’s visits – including my fun sleep study.

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