My brother’s rockstar themed party was a blast. Can’t believe he is one already. We had family in town and great to see so many of our buddies. While I wish thatha could have made it like he had planned, he was def. there in spirit. Check out the pics.


This past month I finally got to meet baby Rohan. He is awesome. When I left Uncle Alpen and Aunty Neelam’s place I was crying for him. Mom said that we were going home with baby Karsin…I responded that I don’t want baby Karsin, I want baby Rohan. I came to my senses and realized that Karsin is awesome too. He is so much interactive now – loves to giggle, loves to play outside, can roll over both ways, and has started tripoding. In all honesty, the guy is in awe with me. Whenever I enter the room, he can’t take his eyes off me.

Karsin also took his first flight. We went to Michigan. Had a great time. Me and dad left early and mom and Karsin came back a few days later. Apparently Karsin was not the best traveler on the way back. He had a big poopy diaper during take-off. When mom was changing him on the plane (that didn’t have a changing table), the poopy got everywhere including mommy’s white shirt. When I got home I had a big talk with Karsin about it. I came home and asked him “Hey little guy, why did you do a big poopy? Buddy why???”

This past weekend was easter. Me and my buddy Jack had a blast looking for easter eggs. School is also getting tough. Can you believe that we have homework??? I am only 3!!! I had to create a habitat for a lion. The pics below show my masterpiece and all the April fun.

This past month everyone was sick. I think I brought home RSV and gave it to my brother. Karsin was so sick…he had to get on this nebulizer thing. Then the medicine coming out of the nebulizer made mommy break out in hives. Even daddy and nanna had the sniffles. Finally everyone is starting to feel better.

Karsin is now 4 months. He started rolling over and loves to play in my old activity center. He is laughing more, but not when I try to lay on him or pull his legs.

Here are his stats from his last doctor’s appt:

Weight – 16.7 lbs (75th percentile)

Height – 26.25″ (90th percentile)

My brother weighs two pounds more than me and is an inch taller than me when I was 4 months (my four month stats). He might be bigger but I definitely lived a lot more by four months than he has. By four months, I had been on an airplane, a boat and was a world class swimmer. Karsin has barely made it out of the house. Mom and dad are really keeping him sheltered…

Well here are some pics…

My brother turned 3 months today. It is amazing how time flies. My brother is getting more interactive – thank god the blob phase is passing. He likes to smile and started saying ah-goo. Apparently, I used to say un-goo. He is sleeping better – at least some days. The only problem is that when he gets tired he wants to be held upright and walked around. Mom and dad (pa-poo as I now call him) keep complaining that their back hurts.

Another big development is I think I am getting the hang of this potty training mom and dad have been pushing on me. If you remember, they tried way back in June to no avail. (link to June post) I apparently starting holding my pee and my poop and it caused my digestive tract a lot of trouble. I was really stubborn about it too – I would wake up in the morning and hold my pee until 7 at night. There were even fears that I was getting a UTI. Finally a few weekends ago, they loaded me up with juices. Despite the screaming, shaking, don’t want to go pee-pee dance, I couldn’t hold it. Something finally clicked and now I go to mommy and daddy and tell them when I have to go to the potty. No more peeing in my pants for me.

Here are two pics from today….

I wanted to update you guys on what has going on from my brother’s first month birthday till today which is his second month birthday. Here are the highlights:

– Thanksgiving
– Karsin got to meet Foi, Masibha, & Teen-kaka
– We both were under the weather
– I started drinking milk again
– Karsin went to his first party (Neha and Vikas’s baby shower)
– Had my school holiday party and sing-along
– Karsin got a bad case of baby acne (poor guy – looks miserable)
– Karsin is slowly learning to sleep places other than mom and dad’s arms
– Karsin is wowing us with his amazing smile.

All in all a great month…

Please don’t get me wrong…I love my new brother, but I am not sure if I like this new addition. I don’t get all the attention. Mommy is always having to feed baby and everyone is awing and cooing over this little guy – but what about ME. And baby Karsin is just a blob. He doesn’t want to play with me – he is either crying, pooping or sleeping. When I try to roll my cars on his head, everyone freaks out. I am going to give it a little more time, but if he doesn’t shape up, I might have to see if I can return him.

All these changes have also made me a terror. I have been really finicky about what I eat (if I eat), throw temper tantrums when I have to take a bath, when I have to get out of the bath, when I have to go to sleep. I even threw a major tantrum when I had to put on my halloween costume and one on my neighbors porch when mom and dad tried to get me to ring their door bell to say trick or treat. However, when I realized that I would get candy by ringing door bells I changed my tune. This week I have been better. I realized that mom and dad were not caving in and the countless time out where getting old.

Well here are some recent pics.

So the other day mom and dad asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween. I have really been into Cars (i.e. Lightning McQueen, Mater, etc.), so I initially thought that I would be something related to that. However, when we were looking through a Halloween catalog, I found the most amazing costume. Check out the one I picked…

For some reason, mom and dad are not too keen on this voodoo vixen outfit. We came to a compromise and you will just have to wait to see what I am going to be.

I also had my first day of school a couple weeks ago. I go three times a week and love it. Unlike last year, I don’t cry my eyes out when I get dropped off. Actually yesterday when my nanny came to pick me up, I didn’t want to leave. Here are some pics from the first day of school and also me driving my awesome trike (thank god it wasn’t one of the ones recalled).

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